Updating SIP address

We have a new SIP provider. How do I update the SIP provider using FreePBX.

Do I just need to change it on FreePBX, or do I have to change it on the HardPhones too?


your questions are really basic. you might want to look at the wiki and do a bit of reading

I’m a Linux Guru, but new to the latest PBX systems. However I’m short on time to read the wiki. Can you point me to the wiki area in question.

I will most certainly read the wiki in full, when I get more time. But I’m currently time poor.

The system is free. Asking people to spoon feed you is not a way to ingratiate yourself to a community.

You don’t even have the time to tell us what versions you are running or how it was installed?

My suggestion to you is to click on support and purchase some time. If you don’t have the time to learn how then paying someone to do it is appropriate.

Personally in FreePBX I would think a Linux “guru” could click on trunks and see where the IP address goes of his provider.

Telling us that you are a self styled guru was another strike in my book.

I worked it all out myself now anyway… Clearly this forum is useless, so you get 5 strikes in my book… Bye!

I suggest telling your programmers to try and write a GUI that generates good clean asterisk config files. So us emacs nuts can work with that, instead of useless WYSIWG GUI’s - meh…

FYI, trunks have nothing to do with the external SIP IP address (which is what this forum post was about)… Stop leading people in the wrong directions SkykingOH.

For everyone else, if you would like to change the external SIP IP address, just

Login to FreePBX

Go to Settings -> Asterisk SIP Setting -> External IP

Save Settings

To confirm you changes have applied do

[[email protected] asterisk]# cd /etc/asterisk
[[email protected] asterisk]# grep “externip” *

I don’t know what you mean “clean Asterisk config files”

This has been an odd post, all of a sudden you got smart? If you asked questions like this in the beginning you would have gotten a warm welcome. I have no idea how you go from not finding the IVR to knowing Asterisk config and extension coding.

Anyway, I did not lead you down the wrong path. You asked and I quote:

So I directed you to the trunk, had you said a new ISP I certainly would have directed you to SIP settings module.

BTW editing is turned off because of abuse, long story. I am also just a member expert, not employed by Schmooze.