Updating Intel NIC driver

Currently running ver 3.0.4 but have experience network loss on a couple of occasions, intel currently have ver as the latest. Is the version in freepbx special am i going to upset anything updating?

Package kmod-e1000e-3.0.4-1.el6.elrepo.i686 already installed and latest version Nothing to do

maybe try:-

 rpm -ivh ftp://ftp.pbone.net/mirror/elrepo.org/elrepo/el6/i386/RPMS/kmod-e1000e-3.3.4-2.el6.elrepo.i686.rpm


Many thanks for the reply, getting a server denied error

[[email protected] ~]# rpm -ivh ftp://ftp.pbone.net/mirror/elrepo.org/elrepo/e16/i386/RPMS/kmod-e1000e-3.3.4-2.el6.elrepo.i686.rpm
Retrieving ftp://ftp.pbone.net/mirror/elrepo.org/elrepo/e16/i386/RPMS/kmod-e1000e-3.3.4-2.el6.elrepo.i686.rpm
curl: (9) Server denied you to change to the given directory
error: skipping ftp://ftp.pbone.net/mirror/elrepo.org/elrepo/e16/i386/RPMS/kmod-e1000e-3.3.4-2.el6.elrepo.i686.rpm - transfer failed
[[email protected] ~]# Retrieving ftp://ftp.pbone.net/mirror/elrepo.org/elrepo/e16/i386/RPMS/kmod-e1000e-3.3.4-2.el6.elrepo.i686.rpm
-bash: Retrieving: command not found

Sorry, I don’t use redhat anymore so didn’t actually test it , but the long way round would be to download it from your desktop machine and copy it to the pbx , then rpm or yum localinstall it.


Think this is definitely causing me an issue, phones wont register yet again.

Just need to find out more now.

Tony, can the special driver be updated with the latest intels one or will it cause problems?