Updating FreePBX

Hi, i was looking at the page and I have a question

I have the version

I saw several later versions.

Try updating the admin module but it says that there is nothing to update. anyone know it can be?

Sorry for the english

You just need to download and install each upgrade one by one. The links are on the same page you looked at so not sure how much more instructions you need.

Perfect thanks for the prompt response.
My guess is that for example the version 2.9 update than 2.10 only.
these updates there have to be done by hand or at some point the system will update themselves???

Or are not final versions to install?

I don’t understand your comment. Everything is explained in the thread below. Just do the upgrades one by in sequence and you are good. You really need to have a basic understanding of Linux to work with Asterisk and a FreePBX system.


Sorry for my English use the google translator because I speak only Spanish.

I’ll try to ask back
My questions are as follows

I install Asterisk 2.9 Freepbx
When I upgrade to version 2.10, I did it from the admin module.
Until I asked the PHP 5.3, and i update via command line.

Now I have the PBX firmware version:

I see several updates on this link

My question is, this updates of this link dont instal via module admin?

Or they are not needed to install or i need to instal via command line???

thank you very much

I hope this time you understand my question


Assuming that you have the FreePBX distro installed and not Asterisk with FreePBX then you need to do the updates via command line in Linux. This will update your version numbers and modules.

Once that is completed you may also need to do a couple of module updates via “module admin” but most of it will already have been done by the command line updates.

Thanks very much