Updating FreePBX system I've inherited

I posted a few months ago and received some great help in terms of rooting the system setup by a friend that passed away. Yes, I’m in.

I’ve made a few changes (added an extension, changed some DIDs, fixed some configuration issues due to the office having two WAN connections coming through a UTM and that aspect of the configuration was incorrect).

There were four modules that had security issues, I’ve updated those. There are a bunch more modules that want to be upgraded, are these pretty safe?

Online Support 2.11.06 to
PBX Updater 12.0.4 to 12.0.7
Phonebook Directory to
iSymphony 4.1.12 to 4.1.18
Appointment Reminder 12.0.4 to 12.0.5 (Don’t think they’re using this)
Core 12.0.43 to 12.0.46
Ring Groups to
Digium Phones Config to
Asterisk REST Interface Users 12.0.3 to 12.0.4
Speed Dial Functions to

There is also this:
FreePBX ARI Framework 12.0.7 DISABLED upgrade available to 12.0.8

(Do I need the ARI Framework?, is it typically disabled?

Under the System Admin Menu, Updates, it says the current version is 6.12.65-24, and there are updates 6.12.65-25 through 6.12.65-32 (eight of them). Should I be doing these? Do I do them one at a time, or just do the final upgrade? Also, the “Update Schedule” is set to “Monthly,” should it be doing these update automatically?

Any update/upgrade guidance to prevent the system from tanking would be appreciated.


FreePBX ARI Framework 12.0.7 DISABLED upgrade available to 12.0.8

Remove that, the 12.0.8 upgrade just makes it EVEN MORE disabled 8)

All the rest are perfectly fine to upgade. In fact, once you’ve done that, you can then install the ‘12 to 13 Upgrader’ module which will take you to FreePBX 13, which is the current stable release.

12 is in maintenance mode now, and only security fixes are being backported.