Updating Caller Name Displays

Hi Guys,

Hope this is the right forum to be posting this on. I am a newby to FreePBX and am having an issue with caller name display for internal calls which I am hoping someone can help with.

The company that I work for have had the system in for a number of years now. During that time, staff have come and gone and we have an issue with the caller id’s that are being displayed when staff are calling internal extensions. My phone is one which is effected which is why I am trying to get it sorted out. If I call anyone internally within our company, the name that displays for the caller on the phone that I am ringing to shows as the previous person who used my extension.

I have tried updating the caller information through the GUI by selecting the extension number and changing all references from old user to my name but still the problem persists. If anyone knows a solution to this issue, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know. I have little hair as it is but I am constantly pulling the rest out of my head over this!!!

It could be there is info stored in the phones themselves. In Astra phones, for example, there is an internal directory that can be programmed. The information here overrides any caller ID that is sent down the wire.


Thanks very much for the response. We are running Aastra phones as you have suggested in your post. Do you have any idea as to how we update the directory list in the phone??? It is an Aastra 53i. Thanks for your help!


you can confirm if the info in FreePBX is wrong or not. At the CLI, type:

database show AMPUSER/<exten_number>/cidname

If the name is correct there then it’s nor FreePBX/asterisk as that is where it gets the name from for internal calls. (Which leaves the phone as the culprit as Bill brought up.)

I believe the user can program the directory in the individual phones. There is also a .csv file in my tftpboot directory that defines the directory entries.

The only way you can get an Aastra phone to utilize the csv is with an entry in the configuration file also licated in the tftpboot directory

If you haven’t done so, I’d recommend downloading the manual for your phone from Aastra. Their manuals are among the best I’ve seen.


Thanks Guys, All very useful information. I will look at each of your suggestions and if I am still stuck will come back to you.

I have a file in the /tftpboot directory named “directory.csv”

This is my list of numbers and extensions so that when I call one of them from my Aastra phones, it will display the destination name. You may have a similar file in your system.

In my case, the following line is in my aastra.cfg file to load the directory:

directory 1: directory.csv

Since it is a file name only, it lives in the /tftpboot directory. Yours might be in another directory tree, based on what the directory location shows in your config file.

Depending on your model of Aastra phone, you’ll have a “Directory” key on the phone. If you have items available after you press that key, your phone has a local directory loaded from someplace.

Hey Tommytiger,

Did you find a fix for this? I am having a similar problem with Freepbx 2.7, Aastra XML scripts, and the Flash Operator Panel. All is well for updating the directory on the phone and the Flash Operator Panel if I am adding or deleting an extension but after changing an extension’s “Display Name” the changes are never reflected in any of those places. The CLI command returns the correct display name but it never seems to make it to the Flash Operator Panel or Aastra 6757i.