Updating Caller ID after an attended transfer on Aastra, Snom, Cisco, Polycom phones

Updating Caller ID after an attended transfer is a big problem on asterisk systems.

It is available on other IP systems like Call manager, and is available since more than fifteen years on traditionnal PBX systems.

It is a pitty that we don’t have this on Asterisk / FreePBX.

According to this thread :


And this review board :


Updating the caller ID after an attended transfer is now possible, using Remote party ID or P-asserted identity headers.

Would it be possible to support this inside FreePBX 2.6 ?

The function that accomplish this is in Asterisk trunk, that means that it wont be included until next release of Asterisk. As Asterisk 1.6.2 is at RC right now we wont see the function until Asterisk 1.6.3 is out as beta (or alpha).

We don’t know when Asterisk 1.6.3 will be out and we wont work on any feature that is not included in a released Asterisk version.

Thanks for your input.

It was not clear to me if this was in the released Asterisk versions.

So actually the only way to get the right CID would be to use XML scripts.

Nevertheless, XML does not solve the CTI coupling problem. When using a TAPI asterisk connector we need to get the proper caller id directly from AMI.

So if the inbound calls get transfered by a dispatcher, using attended transfers, it seems there is no solution to get the proper caller ID.