Updating asterisk database by .conf files

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The changes that are made through GUI (asterisk management portal) when done through configuration maintanance only affects the .conf files and not affecting the asterisk database (espcially extensions table in asterisk database),

Does anyone know how can I update the database by forcing it to read from .conf files?

anywhere i can find the code? cuz I know that at the beginning asterisk populates its database from the .conf, Any idea where it is done for the first time?


Sorry but it does not work that way.
The conf files are written out not read by MYSQL

you should not be doing any hand coding, that is not freepbx you are using

Dear Bubba,

Thanks for your reply,

Then what should I do?
I have made some modification to the first context of extensions_additional.conf, each time i submit a form through GUI AMP, that modifications are over written by the default/previous values,

I can not add this context to extensions_custom.conf, since that would make it a duplicate of the context in extensions_additional.conf, nor i can add it as a with a different context name for the same reason,

What should one do to make some modification to an existing context in the extensions_additional.conf file?

I have done it through GUI AMP but it got overwritten as soon as a submission took place!

THanks for your time,

if you want to make custom modificaitons to any of the .conf files you must use the extension_custom.conf and so on. Any file with custom in the file name is NOT altered by FreePBX. In all the standard conf files it automatically reads the related xxx_custom.conf file


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