Updates to free PBX

There are a lot of updates that we need as I’ve received an email from FreePBX: New Online Updates Available.

When updating, like any software package, will it interrupt any configuration on the PBX or phones? Just want to be on the safe side.


What are you going to be updating?

He is talking about module admin, without knowing what version you are on I am going to assume the answer is you are fine.

FreePBX won’t stop Asterisk call processing.

ok, just he mentions “a lot of updates”.

If you are using end point manager, be careful as updating this will overwrite any of the generic config files that have been modified.

Just a note, the Commercial PBX EPM manager will not overwrite any basefile edits you create when updating the module. This allows you to make changes to the basefile without the worry of the module changing stuff in the future.