Updates and HTML5 format converters

Dear All,

since changing to 10.13.66 distro, I did install HTML5 format converters following the FFmpeg guide. What I do not like so much is that the converters are declared missing again after most updates (currently to 10.13.66-9 via system admin). Is there a recommended way to prevent having to compile and install the converters after such upgrade? I do understand some of the discussion about mp3 patenting. On the other hand, relevant RPMs do seem to exist for other distributions (lame for newer Fedora, but not Centos 6).

I have one further question regarding automatic upgrading. As I use only a subset of freepbx’s rich functionality, I do like to remove a number of modules to get the modules shorter. After an upgrade, all modules will return. Is there a convenient way to limit the set of modules persistently beyond updates?


Michael Schefczyk