Updates and bug fixes: need to know destination IPs & ports used by yum and Module Admin

Hello everyone, I’ve done a handful of Asterisk/Free PBX (PIAF) installations, though in some ways I am still a newbie.
We are doing an installation for an office connected to a MPLS network, and the gateway out to the Internet is at a remote location on the MPLS network. At this gateway is a firewall that apparently has strict rules. We will need to request that they open up holes in the firewall in order for the PBX to get out to the Internet to download updates and bug fixes.

Correct me if I am wrong, but these are the main means to downloading updates and bug fixes:

  • using the “yum update” command from the CLI to update CentOS
  • using the Module Admin tool within the FreePBX GUI to download and install module updates

Unfortunately, we need to know destination IP addresses and ports used by the above.
Does anyone have that information?

Thanks very much in advance!