Updated working system and now no extensions are connected

My phone system was working this morning but showed about 30 modules needing updating so I updated them and now none of my extensions are connecting. They are all pj-sip extensions.
I am running freepbx with asterisk 13.7.0.

/var/log/asterisk/full is showing “No matching endpoint found” for each of the extensions.

This is usually an indication that the phones are connecting to the port associated with “the other” SIP channel driver. Check your Advanced setting and make sure Chan-SIP and PJ-SIP ports are set the way you want them.

I’m going to guess that the last update moved PJ-SIP to port 5060 and your phones are all associated with Chan-SIP.

I have been using PJ-SIP since I originally created the system and already verified the port mapping. The phones are configured to communicate with port 5060. I ended up “resolving” the problem by restoring a backup from the beginning of the month.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t be effective, but it isn’t a solution either. The next time you update the system, you’re going to have this problem again.

Oh I understand its nothing more than a really short term solution but the system is scheduled to go out of use on Friday so its long enough for my purpose in this case…unless something goes wrong on Friday and I have to swtich back.

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