Updated fax to - no pdf attachments to hylafax emails

Yesterday I updated fax to from We receive emails through hylafax/iax2 with PDF attachments whenever we receive an incoming fax. We’re receiving those emails, but there are no attachments. It’s been stable for YEARS, so I don’t have any idea where to start. Google hasn’t been insightful and Siri and Cortana are off on a date with Alexa apparently…

Thanks for the help

The /var/log/asterisk/full log should give you the clues you need. Whenever I’ve seen this problem in the past, it’s been a failure of the PDF conversion step, usually because of a change in one or more of the options on the program. The conversion program should be in your logs, so you can either check that, or dig into the script that runs the conversion to find the problem. Until then, you might want to downgrade your fax module back to to see if the problem persists in the downgrade. If it works, the problem is in the upgrade, if not, the problem is probably deeper in another module (or yum update) that happened coincidentally.

I feel certain that I’m missing the flag: #16943 Option to not attach PDF or TIFF on eFax Notification Emails

Can’t find it anywhere…

Sounds like a bug (or someone pulled the trigger on the fax module too quick).

At this point, I’d probably submit a ticket.

We QA but don’t test against hylafax as it is not in our dev or QA environments.

You mention hylafax, how exactly are inbound faxes routed? Does FreePBX intercept faxes or do they go straight to your iax2 extension(s)?


These are the changes.

  1. add a “none” option in the GUI (default)
  2. Change the default from PDF to none.

So if you didn’t have a filetype set, go set it to pdf

Understood, and I wasn’t being mean, but if the release notes say there’s an option now, I would expect it to be on a screen or in a config file somewhere…

That looks like one of the bug reports from the tracker, so I suspect there’s a change in the wings that exposes that in the fax module. Probably just a timing thing. [Get Out Of Jail Free card]

Yes. Fax detection (plus a dedicated fax inbound) to IAX2. I bumped IAX2 from 1.2 to 1.3 as part of my morning blessings.

Downgraded and now it’s throwing IAX2 errors in the asterisk logs that were not there after the update - and now there are no emails (whereas before it was emails without attachments).

I assume tearing out IAX and Hylafax and building it back in will be the fix. This looks like it’s over my head, so gonna Google and hire out the fix.

If FreePBX is properly diverting the call, then hylafax’ FaxNotify method will be prearing the emails, I would add debugging to your NotifyCmd= script. There are no settings in FPX that are involved

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Update: This self-resolved ~12hrs later. First thought was SMTP error, but emails were going through, just without attachments. I’m left with “magic” as the solution.

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