Updated cert management module issue

Looks like this came out of edge in the last day or so. I have an new cert request failing. There is an extra front slash in the URLs listed in the error (right after the host name). Not sure if this is what’s causing the failure or not. TLD changed in text below.

Module is v 14.0.8

There was an error updating the certificate: Error 'Requested 'http://vfd.domain.com//.freepbx-known/7b0f04dd8f6eb5602145469445f5976c' - Failed connect to vfd.domain.com:80; Connection timed out' when requesting http://vfd.domain.com//.freepbx-known/7b0f04dd8f6eb5602145469445f5976c

You need tcp:80 open to everyone and an active R/W service on that port to use HTTP-01 with letsencrypt

That won’t help if the URL is invalid/malformed.

Then don’t allow invalid/malformed ingress.

In almost all cases if you are in any way in control of your name service just use DNS-01 and a client that is that agile, then you just don’t need to sweat the whole tcp:80 thingy

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