Updated API module does not have functions shown in documentation?

I updated the API module to the edge track today (, because i want to use the doReload function as outlined here:

I have done a fwconsole reload, a fwconsole restart, and an asterisk -r ; core reload.

However, when I go to Connectivity > api > GraphQL Explorer, I can not use This example:

from here: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FDT/FreePBX+GraphQL+Provisioning+Tutorial#FreePBXGraphQLProvisioningTutorial-Applyingconfiguration

to test the new functions. so… If i am on the updated (Edge) module, what do i have to do to get access to the new commands?

the provided test screenshot:

My test

the doc says:


PBX Side: FreePBX 15 with PBX API version or later

and my server has

| Module               | Version    | Status                              | License     |
| api                  |  | Enabled                             | AGPLv3+     |

What version of core? Works for me on

damndest thing. i tried the same steps on a different server, and its all exposed and working.
I’ll throw some examples into my other thread… but i think this server needs a wipe / reinstall

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