Update yealink firmware in EPM please

Specifically for the t42s but I’ve noticed that at least a few other models have outdated firmware as well. I bought a couple of t42s phones with the hope of getting them on the wifi at a customer that has no structured wiring. What I’ve learned so far is this for the t42s model:

-The latest level in EPM (labeled 1.17) does not support wifi
-The level that came loaded on the phone i just bought does work
-I was told on the Yealink forum that everything as of does work for the t42s but as pointed out above this isn’t quite accurate.
-The latest level on the Yealink site is


And yes, I added the entry to the basefile to activate it since our basefile doesn’t have a number of the parameters.


per the yealink instructions

PBX Firmware: 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7
EndPoint Manager

Also, I know I can add my own .rom files to the tftpboot folder but it would be nice to have the paid EPM updated. Thanks.

Beware of yealink V83 firmware if you are using openvpn to connect the phone to a VPN server.
That’s broken.
There is also another BLF issue that’s been discussed in this forum.

Do you have a link to these discussions? On the v82 firmware that my t42s is currently running the BLFs seem to work just fine but I haven’t tried the VPN.

The OpenVPN issue has a few Yealink forum threads with no response and I have opened a ticket on it which is being worked on (hopefully).

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