Update Unregisters 50% of My SIP Phones!

Hi Team,

I’m coming across a VERY disheartening problem. I use A2Billing 1.9.4 plus FreePBX 2.10 and Asterisk

Whenever I go to update FreePBX, all my A2Billing trunks become unregistered and take FOREVER to come back online or don’t come online at all. When I go to check the sip.conf file, I find out that the #include statement I added to add in my custom A2Billing file gets taken out.

I added the line:

#include a2billing_sip.conf

Then I do a sip reload. After that, about 50% of the phones come back online, the rest show as either unregistered, or unspecified.

I don’ know what to do since this is the second time that this is happening.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

First put the include in sip_custom.conf where it belongs, did you see the warnings in sip.conf not to modify.

Second I would do a sip reload from asterisk click and see if same registration issue.

Thank you for the reply. I will add the code into the sip_custom.conf file and see what happens.

Thank you once again.