Update to 2.10 from 2.9, now having some problems

Well I have run Asterisk for a while, actually from 1.6, moving to 1.8 and all was fine, I have also moved from FPBX 2.8 to 2.9 which went great, and now I just tried to step up to 2.10, and I have a small batch of issues I am trying to now get straight, maybe I was just due my share of trouble.

That said, I am going to post here in hopes maybe someone can help me sort through this, or at least give me some pointers, so I can hopefully avoid a full reload and restore.

First off the dirt, this is a current CentOS 5.7 machine, running in 64bit mode, and I have Asterisk loaded and running. I had the last official version and updates for FreePBX in the 2.9 release running as well perfectly.

Maybe this is where I went wrong, but I was looking for the Asterisk RPM update from Digium the other day, and ran a ‘yum update’ and long and behold it offered me an update to FreePBX as well, and maybe stupidly, I just accepted it and let it roll. I found that it then ran a whole series of scripts saying it was talking me to the FPBX official 2.10 release that was now out.

When done, I checked that all modules were up to date as is suggested, and let FPBX reload, and bam I had the shiny new 2.10 interface looking at me. All seemed OK to start with, I could manage extensions, see status updates, and so on just as always, but, and of course there is always a but…

I went to look at my CDR report, to see if anything changed in the new 2.10 layout, and to my surprise I found nothing, the reporting page is there, but any type of query returns nothing, as though I have no call records at all, which I know is wrong. This all ran before the update to 2.10, but doesn’t now.

Second, it now seems that when I get a voice mail, it lights the light on my Aastra phone I use, but one I listen to the vmail and it’s no longer new, or is deleted, the notification light, and stutter tone remains, as though I still have vmail. Again, nothing changed but my update to FPBX 2.10, but something got broken or corrupted during this update.

I think that is it for now unless I notice something else, and if anyone has any ideas on how I could get this sorted out, it would sure be appreciated.


Go to the voicemail admin module and turn pollmailboxes on. That will fix item 2.

Somehome digium RPM is not migrating the CDR correctly.

You need to get root access to MySQL, grant freepbxuser access to asteriskcdrdb with a new password. Then go to the advanced settings module and match the password for the DB.

The issue is AsteriskNow will not connect with mysql_cdr so anytime you use their RPM to upgrade it breaks the mysql_cdr addons support.

Someday’s I really just can’t win… :frowning:

I checked the setting for pollmailboxes, and it was set to on, as well as I believe it was a 30 second polling interval was specified. Still my MWI would not clear till I rebooted.

Also I was checking the DB, and making sure permissions were right, and that part all made sense to me, but your note about looking under advanced for the DB password, I only saw mention of the ARI password stuff in it, is that right.

To add insult to injury, I rebooted the server, and though asterisk seems to be running OK, and making/taking calls, if I go to the root web page, I get the options to go into ARI, or FreePBX administration to manage the server, but selecting FPBX, I now just get an empty page and the URL says host.name/admin/config.php where host.name is of course the local machine name as it should be.

So it seems I have broken things even more, I so don’t wanna slick and reload this thing, but oh well if I get stuck and must… Sigh…

I can see I need to remember to never let yum update the system again, that is apparently a no-no…


Thanks for the info Tony, is there anyway back out of this, or am I as they say just boned, and I might as well plan some downtime for a reload?

As I said in my previous posting, I can see saying Yes to the yum update, was a really bad idea, live and learn…


I would also just use the FreePBX Distro instead of AsteriskNow as we provide upgrade scripts for every version. http://www.freepbx.org/freepbx-distro

Well that would be great, other than I was really trying to not have to take the pbx offline for a day to reload. Can I restore from an AsteriskNow Backup, or do I really have to rebuild from scratch?

Amazing to think that a yum update can mess things up that bad… :frowning:

Also as a thought, can I reload the current FreePBX archive (not the complete distro, but just FPBX) and straighten any of this out? Just thinking out loud…


You can’t load a 2.9 backup on 2.10. It will break the system, and I mean really break it.

Let me tell you just how hard it is. I had to migrate a system and thought I would save a little time as it have a ton of IVR’s and routes. I imported the DB by hand and then added the new columns to match the new schema. I still managed to hose everything up and it took me at least half a day to fix it.

What I do now is load a 2.9 machine on a VM and then run the 2.9 to 2.10 migration tool. Then take a backup of that dataset and load it on to the new machine.

No you will need to do a reinstall. Yum installs is dangerous and each package you are installing you need to test on a dev box before doing in production.

Hey Tony,

Very good on the re-install, I am going to have to work on planning that one out.

One question though, I do have a backup of FPBX on the AsteriskNow before it got boffed, if I load the distro you all have now produced here, can I restore from my anow backup of FreePBX, or am I going to have to completely rebuild it from the ground floor up and hand reenter all the information for extensions, trunks, and so on? I ask as being able to import a FPBX 2.9 backup set from the anow install would save a huge amount of time.

OK, so I either have a do a conversion up from 2.9, or do a fresh configuration into the 2.10 environment. Do you know if the what version the distro here is by default, guessing 2.10, but maybe not yet. Heck I am curious if they are still on CentOS 5, or if they have migrated to CentOS 6 yet, as I know it’s been out a bit now.

That said, and maybe I should make this a separate posting, but at the moment FPBX won’t seem to come up. If I try and run http://machine_name/admin then I just get some kind of redirect that never completes currently, as in the address bar it displays http://machine_name/admin/config.php but as I said a totally white display, no errors or anything.

It would be a lot easier to rebuild if I could just login to fpbx and look at all my configs. Sure I can got into /etc/asterisk and pick through stuff, but at times being able to just look at the screens as I re-enter stuff is a good thing.

Any ideas??