Update stuck


Sorry - I’m a Freepbx newb. I’m ok navigating around and using the GUI, but not familiar with much using command line.

About a week ago, using the GUI, I told the system to update from 3.211.63-10 to 3.211.63-100.

For some reason, this update won’t complete. It still says it’s in progress. I’ve tried restarting the server (from the gui), but no luck.

Any suggestions?


Did you license SysAdmin Pro?

You can try running the update from the command line, follow these instructions http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FD/FreePBX-Distro-3.211.63

Hi, have you read this page?
That update script will upgrade FreePBX Distro from 3.211.63-10 to 4.211.64-1 as per Wiki page (then you can apply in strict sequence all remaining update script for the 4.211.64 branch…but this is another story).

You should first try to understand which version is now running your FreePBX Distro by using these commands as Linux’s root:

cat /etc/asterisk/freepbxdistro-version

or, eventually, this one:

cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version

and then you can plan an upgrade from FreePBX Distro 3.211 to 4.211 (passing from CentOS 6.3 to 6.4).

I think you should:

(1) verifying what version your system is running now as stated above.
(2) use the NEW update script as per Wiki page I linked above.

I think (and it was reported at end of July on this same Forum, read this post) that you’re using (or you used) the OLD upgrade script which was probably a little bit buggy (as far as I understood the whole story).

The NEW upgrade script is this.

But, please, read always first the Wiki or any available (valid) source of information before doing a “blind click”…just my 2 cents.

In my case was quite straightforward because I used the NEW one (see again the Wiki).

Thanks! I’m running the latest update script now and will let you know how it goes.

I do have the system admin module from Schmoozecom.com and freepbx is hosted on freepbx hosting.

Thanks everyone!

Running the upgrade script via command line did the trick. I was running version 3.211.63-10, and am now at 4.211.64-1. I’ll run the rest of the 4 series updates in sequence.


Now that you are on 4.211 you can use the SysAdmin Pro module via the GUI and click on the latest update and it will run all prior updates for you.

Good job!

As Preston wrote you can use now SysAdmin Pro (I have it too) or you can make some basic practice with the CLI (which could be always useful): a little bit annoying tasks in comparison to use the GUI but always nice to know how to do.