Update removed activation

FreePBX Distro 15

Just did updates and now it says the system isn’t registered and system admin is not available…

Is sysadmin installed? There was another report of sysadmin upgrade not proceeding System Admin module upgrade stuck

just looked, it was disabled pending upgrade to

trying that now

getting stuck on ‘Sangoma PnP server activated’

won’t progress any farther

Are there any pending system updates? I’m unable to repro this.

can’t see that because it says the system is unregistered. therefore won’t let me update… catch 22

I just updated a bunch of systems… all went fine but this one.

if I go to cli and do a yum update I get no packages marked for update

sysadmin module update failed again…

did a fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin --tag

said it installed successfully, the did fwconsole reload.

everything back now… weird

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