Update help

I used elastix and the FreePbx extension and was updated modules through FreePBX.
I updated the core and now I can only get the web to bring up the FreePBX and Elastix login is gone.

I just get username invalid when trying to log in to administration because my login that was used with elastix does not work nor do any of the defaults

I have tried to follow the instructions for fwconsole unlock and all I get is fwconsole command not found.

I need some help here please

It’s going to be difficult for us to help without a clear picture of what you did. If you can provide more details of what u had, what you did and now your current state I believe we would be able to assist u better.

I was in modules under frePBX . updated and Installed Core and and now I just the freePBX administration page that I cannot log into

Elastix has been abandoned. If you have FreePBX 2.9+, you can transfer your settings to a supported system using:

I need to get logged in or get the elastix login back