Update fail2ban 0.8.14-78.sng7 to 0.11.1-9.el7.2

Hi all, i have freePBX15 (SNG7-PBX-64bit-2203-2) on the server

~$ rpm -qa | grep fail2ban

I installed fail2web, for fail2rest need higher version fail2ban

can i update the software this way?

~$ yum install fail2ban
Package - Arch - Version - Repository
fail2ban - noarch - 0.11.1-9.el7.2 - sng-epel
Installing for dependencies:
fail2ban-firewalld - noarch - 0.11.1-9.el7.2 - sng-epel
fail2ban-sendmail - noarch - 0.11.1-9.el7.2 - sng-epel
fail2ban-server - noarch - 0.11.1-9.el7.2 - sng-epel

That is question that has remained unanswered by Sangoma for quite some years :wink:

Those who conducted tests and found a solution will not answer here
Those who do not want to break something do not know

Well, if no one answers, I’ll try conducted test

It has been a while but if you search JIRA I posted a version of F2B 0.11 that works on the distro.

It is unmaintained so ensure it does what you want before rolling into production.

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