Update Error

Current System:
PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-9
PBX Service Pack:

was at 5.211.65-8.sh ran the upgrade script upgrade-5.211.65-9.sh - the version updated in the sysadmin screen but got the error below. not sure if everything updated correctly.

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, kmod
Determining fastest mirrors
http://yum.freepbxdistro.org/shmz-os/6.5/os/x86_64/repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno 14] PYCURL ERROR 22 - "The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found"
Trying other mirror.
Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: base. Please verify its path and try again