Update Blacklist Module without having installed CDR Report Module

Hi, i want to install Blacklist Module to latest version but can not do it because i don’t have CDR Reports Module installed and i don’t want to use CDR module. I used to update Blacklist module before without CDR Module but now is not letting me install the latest module of Blacklist. Blacklist version that i have installed is

Blacklist cannot be upgraded:

  • The Module Named " CDR Reports " is required, yours is not installed.

Unfortunately this is what happens when code is changed without reviewing “why” this may be as is. The call log use to make a direct database call to get call logs. A few months back someone decided to make this call the cdr reports module rather than calling the database direct. This causes the requirement for the dependency. Without that module this will unfortunately break.

This could be changed to make that dependency optional but then there is redundant code. In the end this should probably be reverted as dependencies should be reserved to things that are absolutely necessary.

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