Upcoming Module Expiration Error - Automated ticket

I keep getting automated email notices about my “Upcoming Module Expiration” for the “Extension Routing” module.

I started with the free one year license and then upgraded to the paid 25 year license but apparently my purchase did not update in your records. My PBX shows a 25 year license but the emails keep coming. When I reply to the ticket (in the hope to clear this up) someone at Sangoma closes the ticket without replying to it. I re-open, they close it again.

The module is paid and the license is good for 25 years so I should not be getting these notices and should not have to worry about my system not working anymore from one day to the next. Can someone from Sangoma look at this? I can PM the ticket number.

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On it. I’ve replied to your ticket. If you don’t get anything, PM me here with details.

Thanks. I posted the requested information in the ticket.

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