Unusual problem making a call from UCP Contacts

FreePBX 12.0.76, Asterisk 11.16.0, from FreePBX 64bit 6.12.65 ISO (All latest module updates except for a few that popped up in the last few days) - Core i5, 8GB, / on mirorred SSD, Voicemail and logs on mirrored 2TB SATA drives - SIP trunk from telecom provider - Grandstream GXP phones

So, unusual problem, not sure it is even supposed to work. If I am in the UCP Call History, I can click on an extension or external number that has called me, and originate a call - instead of manually dialing it on the phone. Outbound calls I made don’t show up as a link, so I can’t click to call those of course. But, in contacts all of the numbers show up as a link. If I click on an internal extension in contacts I can originate a call. If I click on the external telephone number in the “work” field it will originate the call. But, if I click on the cellphone number it does not give me the option to originate the call. I can click on it, and it will allow me to send a message, but it will not allow me to call the number by clicking it.

Confirmed. Seems like clicking oubound numbers in UCP should dial, file a feature request at http://issues.freepbx.org