Unusual Headset Usage - Possible with Sangoma Phones?

Our operators would like to use a headset in an unusual manner, how they did with our very old Cisco phones.

Basically, there’s a new operator who needs to be trained. They want to have one of the existing operators handle calls and have the trainee have a headset on listening in on the conversation so he can learn how different situations are handled, how we are expected to respond to customers, etc. After the conversation with the customer is complete, the trainee can ask questions about how things were handled. With the Cisco phones, there was no problem having the headset active, microphone up away from the mouth of the trainee, and talk on the handset while doing so. (Frankly, this surprised me when I learned how they were using it, but it worked.)

Unfortunately, the Sangoma phones work more how I would expect a phone to operate… when it’s in headset mode, audio is only sent to/from the headset - nothing can be heard through or spoken through the handset.

I’ve poked through the settings of the PBX & phone and cannot seem find anything to enable something like this. The only thing I can think might possibly work is to create a custom cable to split the RJ9 output wires into 2 so that one pair can go to the handset & one to the headset. This is more than a little redneck though and I’m hoping there’s a better solution. (Plus, my soldering skills are rather pathetic when trying to solder wires that are like hair. :wink: )

All I really need is a way for a third party to listen into a call as it’s happening, preferably on a headset/headphones of some sort. The two people involved are sitting right next to each other.

I’ve never heard of such a configuration before, I doubt you would get it working without a soldering iron :slight_smile:.

I would use something like this: https://gist.github.com/lgaetz/78c4e114952e79596c1ed4123559d3d3

You can do what Lorne posted, another option, to use FOP2 which allows you to select an extension and listen/listen & whisper.

Finally, you might also want to take a look at this or a similar device https://www.amazon.com/Telephone-Training-Adapter-Splitter-Meridican/dp/B00EMTCUP8

Get a headset Y cable that way you can have two headsets linked to the same phone for coaching. You will need to make sure it’s the correct type for the headsets used

As it turns out, if you use the same handsets/headsets, the cable can just be a regular RJ cable splitter. I do something similar for one of my call center customers, and it works just fine.

Thanks guys - ordered one of the RJ9 splitters off of Amazon; hopefully it’ll do the trick. (And I don’t have to solder hair-like wires! :wink: :smile:)

That FOP2 project does look very interesting though… thinking of how useful it’d be for our operators. Have you used it in a HA environment (PBXact 13) @PitzKey? Given that it’s a shell script-based installer, I’m somewhat concerned about nuking a now-functional system by installing third party software…

Never tried FOP2 on HA. IIRC @avayax does.

Yes, I am running fop2 on FreePBX HA.
You have to make a few modifications to make it work.

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