Unusual basefile EPM behaviour v13.0.59

EPM Version: 13.0.59
PBX Firmware: 12.7.5-1805-3.sng7
PBX Service Pack :

Finally got all systems almost to go with the latest FreePBX but have found an unusual behaviour with EMP basefile editing. When editing basefiles for Yealink phones and Aastra 57i all modifications are listed at the bottom of the basefile. Similar behaviour to our previous EPM that we had moved from as all changes are visible within the basefile file.
When changes are made to the 51i, 53i or Snom S-300 basefile the original setting nor the modification can be found anywhere in the basefile. Not sure if it’s a bug or if I’m loosing my mind.

Also noticed all Yealink phones show incorrect time ( 1 hr ahead) when enabling “Daylight Savings”.
Yet no problem with it enabled for the Aastra phones. I’m now unsure if this setting is working correctly or if it should only be enabled during DLS time.

There’s newer versions available, try updating.

Hi PitzKey,

Sorry my mistake as the online version is 13.0.59 and I have
Has a status as “Newer than online version”.
Maybe a downgrade is the answer?

problem solved, possible user error. :+1:

Amd what was the issue?

Well, probably should have paid closer attention to the user guide as all phones are selected by default
As I was unsure if this option was on or off by default.

I was doing this…


Instead of this…


Also much confusion came from not hard resetting the devices.
A device reboot or factory restore from the gui wasn’t achieving the desired outcome.
But a hard restore from the device made things look a whole lot better.

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