Unsubscribe to notifications

I setup my FreePBX system to email notify me if there were any issues or modules to be updated.

I received such an email, that there were in fact modules to be updated and hit unsubscribe. Now I no longer receive notifications.

Can you tell please, how to redo this - so I do get notified once more

Admin > System Admin is where this is configured.

I am mildly confused… the system emails are basically emails from you to you so they don’t have any of the CANSPAM stuff like an unsubscribe button. Something else may be preventing the emails but it isn’t any link you would have clicked.

This might have been a webmail/client option; I know gmail adds an unsubscribe link at the top of e-mails.

Outlook 2013 also gives you the option to unsubscribe if it detects an email my be of a commercial nature. Check your spam folder &/or configure your client to whitelist the pbx’s email address.

Its coming from my email provider!

I thought it was from FreePBX.

Many thanks