Unreachable - softphone on mobile


I would like to minimize mobile client getting “unreachable”.
I’m using a softphone app (GS Wave Lite) on Samsung A20e mobile. Extension is PJSIP over TCP.
(btw UDP and CSimple give the same results). After a few minutes with mobile screen off, the extension results Unreachable.

I imagine that possible reasons for the PJSIP endpoint to become unreachable could be
delay due to wifi roaming
app forced to sleep by Samsung OS
some default SIP settings not correct for this case of use

Do you have some advice regarding the SIP settings ?


There are zero apps for soft phone that will stay registered well.
You will need an app that is designed for push notifications.

Built in, you can use the commercial module SangomaConnect.
Third party, there are a couple options that I have had hit or miss success getting working correctly.

Does it not depend on the mobile “battery optimization” or the app or server SIP settings at all ?

My understanding is that it is impossible to protect an app from being put to sleep on iPhone, although it is possible on Android, although, even then, if the RAM is needed, it might still happen.

I have been testing for a couple of days now, with an iPhoneX, a Samsung Note9 and a Huwai P20pro.
In my home lab, with 2 ruckus APs (to have some roaming involved if it has an impact), they almost always stay reachable.
I still need to test with Samsung A20e which keep getting unreachable.

I will try to setup a BriaStretto envt to test push.
But I will have to find a solution to use mobiles as replacement for Dect in a LAN only deployment…

So far, the best softphone app I have found to stay available with our Androids is PortSIP UC. It also does a good job guiding a user to turn off battery optimization.

I checked PortSIP. Maybe too lite. I’m missing some provisionning tool and LDAP contacts.
GSWave lite has all I need but Push :disappointed:

I tried BriaStretto.
It does work … obviously. No problem. It uses Push notifications which is probably/clearly the way to go.

I still have to investigate more the Linphone/FlexiSip
I also found this https://github.com/balusreekanth/ios-asterisk-push very interesting.

For “independent” options groundwire works ok, not the cheapest option but it will get you were you want to be.

Otherwise a pay-per-seat integration like Sangoma Connect or Clearly Anywhere.

You need something that sends a push notification to your device that says “HEY WE HAVE A CALL WAKEUP”


Any advice on how to send this wake up notification to mobile app SIP client from a server I manage.
I’m reluctant to share 100% of Freepbx extension/password data with 3rd party.

Does SangomConnect module work “locally” ?
I mean: does this module manage PushNotifications without sharing extensions/passwords with another 3rd party (Sangoma’s) server ?

No. When the app goes to sleep the sip registration is taken over by the cloud Push server.

Thx. Like the others.

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