Unlimited Inbound Concurrent Calls

I know that VoicePulse offers 4 concurrent lines with unlimited inbound for $11/month. But I now need 9 concurrent inbound calls like this. VoicePulse is $20/month for each channel which is expensive. Does anyone know of any other cheaper option that offers unlimited inbound channels at a cheap price and is reliable?

Aretta.com. Pay by the minute but you can have as many as your pipe will stand.

Whats there billing increments on inbound?


link2voip offers unlimited incoming channels at 1.1c/min billed 6/6. I’ve been very happy in the month I’ve been with them.


I too use link2voip and have for quite some time and ported my local numbers to them.

Works well. CHeck out their web page for pricing but unlimited channels for $2.95/mo and 1.1 cents/minute. Billing I htink is in 10 sec increments.