Unknown Extensions

I have a PIAF setup. FreePBX v2.10.1.19, asterisk v1.8.20.1.
I have several extensions, all of which appear to function properly. However, when in the User Portal, when a user chooses to forward a message to another extension, there are extensions that I don’t recognize in the drop down list. Each of these unknown extensions are listed as follows;
John Doe <**;4300>
Jane Doe <
I cannot find these extensions anywhere else in the system, and do not see any traffic for them in the CDRs, but there existence concerns me…

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

These are sample voicemail configurations that should have been removed prior to publishing. This was fixed quite a while ago in an update to ARI, so your system is not keeping up with updates. In any case you can locate the file, /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf and manually remove the lines.