Unknown ext is mapping with mac @ P320 sangoma / Acount 1

Hi Guys,

I am having one P320 ip phone where its mac @ is mapping to an unknown ext on EPM, and force me to use and other account for this ip phone (account 2) This is an 11 digits number , i even factory reset the phone but no success ,issue still remain.
Can you guys help me find out how to wipe this ext .
Look forward to your reply.

Thanks !

Maybe, you start from scratch with this phone. Delete it in EPM and do a network scan afterwards and add it…

Yeah , but device never apears on the sacn section EPM , while others are detected.

Thanks !

You have to delete the zombie phone in EPM first, restart the phone and do a network scan again.

I am not sure i can get this .

Thanks !

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