Unknown Caller Handling **Bounty**

I’d love to have a simple module that simply allows me to route an incoming call with No Caller ID to a destination. Maybe put it into Inbound Routes that allows calls with no caller id (unknown caller) to be directed to anywhere (queues, recordings, etc). My main goal is to have callers with no caller id get sent to the “Number Not In service Tones / recording”, but I may want to change that; hence the interface to adjust it.

If anyone else would like to add to this bounty, it would be great!

Bounty Rules are as follows:

  1. Must be a module or something along those lines that allows graphical user configuration.
  2. Won’t be deleted with a freepbx upgrade.
  3. Confirmed Tested by Me to be working.

If the Bounty is fulfilled by:

February 29, 2008 - I will pay $300.00 to the coder. (by noon)
Anytime after that: $100.00

Please post a follow up here if you intend to undergo the challenge so I know you’re working on it.

Why don’t you just use Privacy Manager ?

Privacy Manager just doesn’t seem to be cutting it when it comes to dealing with telemarketers et. al. (ex-girlfriends). I really want an option other than just asking them to type in their phone number.

Not solved, but I’m going to solve it by modifying the privacy manager myself and adding additional functionality to the core of Asterisk App_privacy.c Bounty Withdrawn.