Unknown caller CID problems?

Hi all

Yep, another newbie to contend with :slight_smile:

I am not able to get CID to show up when calling an FXS extension to any other extension (FXS or SIP). However, when calling from a sip phone to an FXS, the Caller id shows up normally on the FXS extension. Sip to sip IDs show up properly.

All my sip and zap extensions are setup with only the Display name field set.
I am currently using FreePBX, Asterix 1.2.18.

Where I should be looking for a solution to this?


You should set up your CallerID info at your FreePBX extension module, not on the device.

Thanks Rogerluo,

That is where I have the CID info setup. My devices are standard phones. I setup the “Display name” for each extension and I also tried setting a CID Num alias, and that does not show up either.

I had this system offline until now, but for a quick test, I connected an FXO port to the real world. My incoming tests work well as far as the incoming CID is concerned, all the way to the extensions.
The problem seems to be limited to calls originating from fxs only.

This problem has been solved in the following manner:
I was having quite a bit of problems configuring my Sangoma A400 card to be recognized by *. I ran a script (sangoma-setup or something similar) that recreated the zapata.conf files, effectively removing the #include zapata_aditional and #include zapata-auto.

See http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx/installation/use-flash-to-put-callers-on-hold