Unknown/Blocked caller ID management for each DID Inbound Route (and not Globally as per Blacklist module)

Is it possible to manage (e.g. Hangup) unknown callers (external incoming calls with no Caller ID that appear with <> or UNKNOWN labels in Received FAX page or in CDR) for a very specific DID inbound route other than for all inbound routes?

I ask this because, AFAIK, if I’m going to use the Blacklist module (configuring it to match any UNKNOWN caller ID by selecting the “Block Unknown/Blocked Caller ID” parameter) this will let me to manage such type of incoming calls globally and without restricting that feature on specific DID over the others.

I have a Voice Inbound DID and a FAX Inbound DID (on the same Digital ISDN Trunk) and there are FAX Spammers which send FAXes with UNKNOWN/Blocked Caller ID so would be great to hangup them without doing the same for similar Voice calls (sometime regular incoming calls could have the Caller ID blocked but it’s not a problem).

Any help, tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated.


Not at this time. The plan (at least in my mind) is at some point provide a regular expression based blacklist module. Or extend the current one to allow this. However this all depends on a few other things happening first.

Hi tm1000,
Your plan would be great!

Just one more question:

I noticed that parameter “CallerID Number” in Incoming Route setting page reports this:

“Define the CallerID Number to be matched on incoming calls. Leave this field blank to match any or no CID info. In addition to standard dial sequences, you can also put Private, Blocked, Unknown, Restricted, Anonymous and Unavailable in order to catch these special cases if the Telco transmits them.”

So shouldn’t be possible to use this CallerID feature on (each) Incoming DID rule created to manage the above special cases (as stated)? I’m sure somebody somewhere reported that by also telling something about that some Incoming DID Rules order (rules sorting) should be provided (so a such type of Incoming DID rule should be first evaluated)…but Incoming DID rules can’t be ordered AFAIK.

Am I missing some point about that?

Kind regards, Davide.

We probably need to provide regular expression matching in the inbound routes along with sorting. So if you feel up to it report a bug/feature request and reference this thread.

Thanks! Sure I’ll do it.