Unique ring tones or some kind of notification for each trunk

Hi everyone! I’ve been using FreePBX/Asterisk for 6 months for an office application and I love it. We are running Polycoms. Is there a way to set up a unique ring tone or digital readout of some kind to identify which line is ringing? Our last phone system was a keyed system so we’re still getting used to not knowing what trunk line we’re really on. We have a dedicated private line and we need to know if its ringing or if its one of the main lines.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need any more info from me.


Using the ZAP DID module along with the ‘alert info’ and ‘CID Prefix’ fields in the inbound route will accomplish your request.

That worked perfectly thanks! I set up the CID prefix and now I can see the info on the readout. I couldnt quite figure out how to set up the “alert info” to work with the Polycoms. I think I might have to modify my sip.cfg file in order to make it work.

Huge thanks for the help Leap Frog! I had such a problem for few last months and I didn’t actually know what to do. I was dreaming about an unique ring tone for every line for quite a long time. I will try your way tomorrow and I hope it will work fine. Thanks one more time for your help. This forum has helped me a lot.


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