Unique Queue Users

Hello, have a few workstations for our customer service department where the users change shift throughout the day. The department leader would like to begin getting stats/reports on each individual user. Is there a method to do this? We are open to commercial/paid modules that help us accomplish this along with reporting. Thank you!

Asterisk 13.2.0

Going to need more detail than this, what specific stats are you referring to? Are queues involved? Outbound calls?

Off topic, you are on an end of life distro track, I recommend you update to current:

Sorry- Need stats regarding calls to the queue member. So we have 3 phones right now and 3 shifts of 3 users that use them. These phone extensions are currently members of Customer Service queue. We would like to know things like avg call length, number of calls taken, number of missed calls per user. We would also like to know hold times and number of abandoned calls for the queue.

We will likely update our distro during the next maintenance cycle. Thanks!


I strongly recommend that you use the hotdesking feature available on the Sangoma s500/s700 phones. Users would be able to log in/out of the phone for their shift and have their own unique extensions. I have a client that is on a legacy system (Fonality) and they have this exact same issue…they are wishing they had spent the money on a Sangoma system instead :slight_smile: