Unique identifier for inbound call to call group

Basically this is what I need.
I have an inbound route (800 number) going to specific ring group. These extensions are part of other ring groups as well.
Is there a way for those extensions to see when an outside person dialed that 800 number?? Something that can show up on the phone? Special ring tone?

Right now they can’t tell the difference as to which customers are calling what numbers.

CID prepends and Alert-Infos can be set at both the inbound route level and the ringgroup level (the last one who set’s them ‘will win’.

Can you give me some examples on how I would set this up?

I am assuming you mean CID name prefix? Could I use this and just put
"Name X" or “800-xxx-xxxx”

I see the Alert Info but don’t know what to put there.