Uninstall of Endpoint Manager empties tftpboot folder?

freePBX 15 (upgraded from 14)
Yesterday I wanted to change a setting in the xml-config files of my Cisco phones. I was very surprised when I just found an empty tftpboot folder!
Is it possible that an uninstallation of the EPM empties the tftpboot folder? I did not delete all those files!
I have been using xml-config files for many years and I edit them manually.

Likely. IIRC, a full backup should include the contents of tftpboot.
Anyway, if you don’t use and don’t plan on using EPM, serve them under a different directory so it won’t mess with anything.

ok, thanks…I did have a backup of the config files, but just wanted to let others know. If someone finally has working configs for his Ciscos (including BLF etc), and has no backup, he might not like the situation… :wink:

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