UniData WPU-7800 vs Yealink YEA-W52P - or codless SIP phone with loud speakerphone?

Hi All,

I have a UniData WPU-7800 and am not that impressed with the speaker phone. Reading some reviews, I see a lot of people saying they like the W52P’s speaker phone. The phones look pretty similar - are they? Or any good reccomendations of a cordless SIP phone (prefer wifi, but not necessary) phone with a loud speaker phone?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I use a Siemans Gigaset A580 - i realise that its a DECT, with a SIP compatible base, as opposed to a wifi handset, but works great, and has a speaker too

How’s the speaker on it though? THe 7800 has a speaker, but it’s way too quiet.

i find it fine - i regularly use it hands free via the speaker, and don’t have any issues.

I installed the yealink W52P at a customer site a few years ago, it was a nice phone but I don’t specifically remember the speakerphone. I may have to stop by there this week. If I do I’ll try it out.