Unhook a call during an announcement


i need to configure that :
a customer call the number.
my phone ring during 15sec if nobody unhook there is an announcement.

Is it possible to unhook during the announcement ?
(I have configured a queue with an annoucement when you enter the queue)

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I am not sure I understand, do you want the phones to ring while the announcement is playing?

Set up a ring group that rings your extension, with “music” that consists of some fake ringback tone followed by the announcement. Fail over to the queue, without announcement.


I have set 3 queues for the problem.

The first ring normaly.
The second ring but it’s not the ring tone but a custom message
And the third is also a queue but the ring tone is a music.

Thanks for your help

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Make a custom MOH category, you’ll need to make such an audio yourself, starting with a regular ring, then the announcement and then the music.
Then select that MOH category in the queue.

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