Unexplained database entries

I have looked at my asterisk database and found lots of entries that look like this:
/FM/DND/6502/SIP/6578-000084ef : DND
/FM/DND/6502/SIP/6578-0000b42b : DND
/FM/DND/6502/SIP/6837-00006f8a : DND

This in not the regular DND, as I’ve checked and when enabling DND the entry that show up looks like this:
/DND/6595 : YES

The entries above might be a solution for a problem I’m having, so if anyone knows what they are, I will appropriate any assistance.

Must have a Follow Me. Its setting it for the Follow Me.

I’ve tested several follow me options and when enabling follow me this is how it looks:
using *92:
/CFB/3011 : 3010
or using *72:
/CF/3011 : 3010
of using *52:
/CFU/3011 : 3010
or *21 or the followme settings on the PBX interface:
/AMPUSER/3010/followme/ddial : DIRECT
/AMPUSER/3010/followme/grpconf : DISABLED
/AMPUSER/3010/followme/grplist : 3010
/AMPUSER/3010/followme/grptime : 5
/AMPUSER/3010/followme/prering : 0

could not recreate the entries in the post above.