Undo activation to create master image

I’m trying to create an image that I can deploy with the latest FreePBX. In order to do this so I can uniquely activate each one separately, I need to remove the activation from the master image. Is there a way to do this?

See System Admin > Activation.

As long as I have not purchased modules for this activation yet, it will not mess things up?

Supposedly not, however, you can save the deployment ID and later re-activate as an existing deployment and enter this ID.

… or you can simply deploy your image and change the deployment ID out from under the old number.

The only place I can think that this might get hairy is with the “three resets” rule on the deployment ID.

I’d start a support/issues ticket and talk to the pros on this. They might have a recommendation that meets your needs and doesn’t require them to jump through a bunch of hoops resetting your “default” deployment ID.

I want to completely remove the deployment ID so I can re-activate the system as a new deployment and not interfere with the previous deployment. If not, I can’t purchase any commercial modules for the new system.

After you restore your image on a different machine you get a new deployment id and freepbx is not activated anymore.