Undesirable Queue Behavior


We currently have two queue’s set up; Queue 1 and 2. If there are no available agents in queue 1, calls are set to roll over and try queue 2.

The problem is occurring when an agent in queue 1 has received a direct call or has placed a call out. This seems to not register the agent as unavailable for queue calls.

Here’s the scenario;
One agent in queue 1. This agent is on a call from a direct DID (or made a call out).
An outside caller calls into queue 1.
The queue will try to ring our only agent, even though they are on the phone. This will not physically make the phone ring, but it shows that it is trying on the CLI.
The caller then has to wait for the timeout period before it automatically rolls over to queue 2.

Is there any way to avoid this behavior? It would be ideal for the caller to immediately roll over to queue 2 in this case since there are no available agents.

Sorry if this is confusing, I will try to clarify if anyone needs me to!

I am no queue expert, but one of the “skip busy agents” options is probably what you are looking for on queue 1

lgaetz, thanks for the recommendation but that is already enabled.

If an agent is on a queue related call, they are skipped.

If the agent is on a non-queue related call, the undesired behavior happens.

You don’t say what version of FreePBX you are using, but on 2.8 there are four different options available for “skip busy agents”. The mouse over help seems to distinguish between queue calls only or all calls. Have you tried all options? If so, it sounds like a bug to me.