Understanding the CDR reports

Can anyone refer me to a USEFUL (not asterisk Wiki) explanation of the CDR report fields?

For example:
lastdata - what do these all mean?




How do I identify what inbound route a call came in on?
… and a dozen other questions…

These calls were all originated by the system, so there isn’t necessarily an inbound route. Asterisk as a Back to Back User Agent, so calls come in, are handled by the system (sometimes through an Inbound Route, sometimes other ways) and that may or may not initiate a different call to a device. For example, the first one looks like a call to a Ring Group. The next one looks like a call from “TheCartQueue” to extension 301. I’m not sure what the last one is, for sure, but it should be an outgoing call to another Ring Group with a FMFM call tacked onto the end.

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