Understanding Settings->VoiceMail->Setting->EmailConfig->MailCommand

I would like to put a script as the “Mail Command” that would use mutt or just use mutt if I could figure out how to use it in that section. Can someone show me examples of using “Mail Command” option in Settings->VoiceMail->Setting->EmailConfig->MailCommand?

Under root I can send a message using mutt. I can send attachments using mutt. So I would like to use mutt as my mail command to send voicemails. I have mutt setup to use my gmail account to send messages using the .muttrc config file.

It was working fine before without mutt till google decided I could no longer send mail directly to them without some DNS records that I can not change.

I found a way to get the result I was looking for.
I don’t need to use mutt and this works great:
fusionit dot net

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