Understanding FreePBX inside

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to dig a little deeper into FreePBX and would like to know how the dialplan works so that I can do custom logic in case of needing it. The thing is that as far as I know there isn’t any documentation on how the dialplan is organized. I’m trying to come up with an idea by reviewing extensions.conf and extensions_additional.conf but is a slow proccess. I would like to know if there is some source of documentation for this or something alike. Anyone knows anything explaining this?

Thanks in advance!

I am in the same situation

I found the Little Asterisk Handbook a simple basic start there is info on the basic dialplan commands.

I guess our situations are different. What I meant was that, although I know the dialplan basics (I’m reading Asterisk: The definitive guide), there are too many conetxts in extensions_additional.conf and I was wondering if there is some documentation that reviews each of one or something alike so that I don’t have to review the whole .config file.


There really isn’t any such documentation.

Also, it really depends on which modules you have loaded as well as specific configurations since most of the dialplan is dynamically generated and furthermore, even specific contexts can be the result of multiple modules adding dialplan into the contexts.

You would be better off seeking help once you have specific things you are trying to do that you don’t think can otherwise be done with FreePBX, since simply generically trying to "understand’ the dialplan is somewhat ambiguous.

Beyond that, there is an old article in the “Technical Corner” of this site that goes a bit “under the covers” as to some of the bare basics in how “devices and users” are internally separated in the dialplan that may help a little bit in understanding some of the basics of what is going on.