Unclear things in Extensions and Time creation forms


I am pretty new to the SIP and everything which is related. But I have noticed 2 strange things in FreePBX(version is indicated in my signature):

  1. FreePBX doesn’t afford to save the NAME of the extension if it doesn’t consist of the number which contradicts the major security principals of the Asteriks, for example when I am trying to save the New Extension form of the Generic SIP device indicating the following User Extension value:

    User Extension: d7634fg (which the Astriks manual book suggest to be even a MAC address device)

I receive the following error: Please enter a valid Extension number, the page assumes it should be only numbers which I believe is not correct. Those should be two separate field- Extension Number and Extension Name, shouldn’t they?
In any other case, to receive the Extension config similiar to this:



I need to edit sip_additional.conf all the time and reload configs and do that again and again even if I don’t even change the Extensions settings, since after clicking Apply button in FreePBX all configs,including SIP are regenerated.I can obviously use sip_custom.conf but what is the reason of using the SIP Extension creation form at all if I will be editing configs directly?
2) Second strange thing: Time Conditions are successfully created based on the Time Group, I can easily find them in configs BUT: where they should be connected to Inbound Routes. I found on the forum that somewhere in previous version of FreePBX there was a special field for that in Inbound Route creation page. Where has it gone?I have no such field on the Inbound Route creation page.See screen for this form, no any fields even nearly related to the time:

Can anyone comment on that?

Looks it doesn’t add products version to topics, just for comments. So the versions of the products are:

Some angle changes on the second item:
As I found out I can set for Inbound Route Destination to Time Condition and select necessary Time Condition, is this the only proper way?Actually it looks logically for me now.So, just the first issue is left.

You need to read and absorb the wiki here.

FreePBX does not support Alphanumeric Extensions, only numeric.

The extension is the SIP user, that’s the way it is designed.

I see, thanks for your answers, but is this going to be fixed\changed? This really contradicts with Astrisk book statement as regarding to how the names should be set up.

That’s just a convention in a book by Jared Smith et el. The FreePBX developers know what they are doing, and Jared is a friend of the team.

Asterisk is asterisk, FreePBX is modeled on a traditional PBX, not many phones have alphanumeric keys, so they would not be able to call you.

Actually Dicko I think he is talking about the peer name so in sip.conf:


Then in the extensions extension:

exten => 696,n,Dial(SIP/id10tdork|60)
extem => Hangup()

Yes, you are right, I was talking about peer.