Unavailable voicemail choice

How would I go about setting up a dial plan that if no one in a ring group answers an extension freepbx asks the caller to pick who they want to leave a message for. So … " No one is available to take your call. To leave a message for Tom press 1. To leave a message for Dick press 2. To Leave a message for Harry press 3. Or to leave a general message wait for the tone."

Do I need to use the IVR module?
Any help would be appreciated.

That would be an IVR as the failover destination of the RG, have you read the wiki yet?

Read the wiki in regards to the IVR? Yes. Figured that was what I would have to use to do what I want. Wasn’t sure though if it would give the receiver a chance to answer the phone before the IVR kicked in or not. Sorry, I’m pretty new to Freepbx. “failover destination of the RG” what is the RG?