Unavailable message - no change

Temporary message - rename to “vacation or temporary” message. More intuitive Also give an option for time period during which this is active 4/1/09 to 4/5/09 instead of it being active if recorded. Often when you come back from vacation - this is the last thing you will check.

Also I do not like the delete if you do not want to play feature - For example I would like to reuse my vacation message next time I am on vacation!

When you log into the recording portion of the system prompt - system should tell what message is currently active (and is being played to the callers). For example, your “unavailable message” is currently active or your" vacation or temporary message is active "


I hate to say it but almost everything you are asking for here has nothing to do with FreePBX. What you are requesting is fundamental changes to the predefined functionality of asterisk voicemail module that determines the names of the files, how it interacts with them, etc.

You’d need to download the asterisk source and take a look at the app_voicemail files to change what you are referring to.